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Me and Joachim did two shows in Rjukan with at “Tour of Norway”.
Here is a shot of me doing a sidehop during the show.
Next show will be next Saturday with Eirik in Ørskog!

Also; check out my Instagram-v051916_200 for more pictures.

Photo: Joachim Skjævestad

Sidehop Rjukan


Saturday fun!

So this is my third show so far this year, which I am really happy with!
I had a good time in Brumunddal today, with a show and trial-workshop for the kids.

Seems like they enjoyed the workshop, and hopefully we’ll see some trials in Brumunddal soon!








The last couple weeks Eirik and I have been doing two shows. (Aktiv 2015 – varemessen i Lillestrøm)
My new Echo frame arrived the day before, so it was not the best timing to test a new set-up, but it worked out just fine!

I did get some short clips of the last show we did on Saturday, so here it is!

Watch on Vimeo for HD quality.

Yesterday a package from Vaude arrived.
Vaude makes outdoor clothing and equipment for mountain sports and cycling, made from sustainable materials and with environmentally friendly production processes. Good thing!

First impressions are really good, and I’m especially stoked on the new “Nilo”-shoes with the vibram boulder sole!
Perfectly suited for trials.

Even though a new pair of shoes need to be bedded in, they felt good on the pedal’s yesterday.

I would like to thank Sportpartner and Vaude for supporting me with this!

Time for some pictures!





One of my goals was to do 140 cm sidehop during 2015.
In Januray I made it. Alot faster than I thought.

Happy about that!

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Hello spring time!

Hello spring time!

Woke up early to have a two hour outdoor session with Eirik today. And we could feel the spring getting closer, with +10 celcius and sunshine!
There is a small area at Torshov in Oslo which is perfect for challenging each other with different lines.

Two hours with gnarly lines!



Keep it!

Keep it!

The spot

The spot

Eirik gap to front


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